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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Phase 1 Wrap Up & The 100 Day Project

Wow, I have been gone a long time. It wasn't until I logged on and looked at the date on the last post that it hit me. But I did stick to the program, for the most part anyway. And now it is end of Phase 1 and on to Phase 2, the maintenance.

So far I have lost 18 lbs which is both a good and a bad thing. On the one hand, it's still 18 lbs. On the other, it's only 18 lbs. That, in a nutshell, sums up my attitude about the program, the diet and my lifestyle in general at the moment.

It's good but is it good enough? In the case of diet the answer is most resoundingly a no. Over the weeks my dietician added a lot more dairy, fruit and grains and my cravings came back with a vengeance. I wanted to go back to a more structured regimen but I was discouraged and I wanted to give the program the benefit of the doubt by sticking to it as closely as possible. Sadly, for people with PCOS and insulin resistance I don't think the diet works as well because it fails to take into account that our reaction to certain foods is much stronger than that of people with poor nutrition habits but otherwise generally normal metabolism. The other reason I am convinced the program does not work as well for everyone is because I recently came across someone else with the same medical conditions as me who only lost 17 lbs overall. Since I would prefer not to become yet another failed statistic it's up to me now to tweak the program and make it work.

So, that's really the reason I am back. I have a lot of things going on as always and I need a mode of accountability that is fairly easy and accessible. Blogging is it. My plan is to start on what I have affectionately named "The 100 Day Project." This has the dual advantage of being a nice round number that makes me smile and ending just 1 week before my birthday thereby giving me ample time to cook up a proper celebration. More on that in the next post.

I am happy with what I have learned in 20/20. I am swimming regularly now, I can do a whole hour on the elliptical whereas I could barely hold my own for 20 minutes in the beginning and I know more about nutrition than I ever did before. My sugar is also down quite a lot (I was right on the borderline of diabetes with 125 when I started) and I have an increased awareness of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. So, on the whole the program was definitely a success even if the results bring up mixed emotions. But I couldn't be happier that I am working out and planning meals more on my own now. This is the fun part. And I get to do it for the rest of my life!


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