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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Day 1

I am pretty happy with today. Here's how today went...

Day 1:

7 am - 1/2 c blueberries, 1/2 c all bran, 6 oz skim milk

1 pm - 1 c steamed broccoli, 5 KFC hot wings

7 pm - chicken and veggie stir-fry (3 oz chicken, 1 c mixed veggies, 1 T teriyaki sauce)

8 pm - 2 oz tiramisu (yes, I did weigh it - some of the 20/20 lessons stuck!) and 4 oz. skim milk

The KFC hot wings weren't the most nutritious choice but I did get my 5 fruits and veggies. And the tiramisu was yummy if a little too sweet, I didn't overindulge and I remembered to balance it out with milk. So, yay me! I need to be careful about going too long between meals though as I got really hungry just before lunch and then again at 6 pm. Other than that, I think I did good. Sadly, no exercise today as I am nursing a knee injury back to health. It hurts so much to walk right now that anything strenuous is out of the question but I really hate missing my workouts. So we'll see. Maybe I will go for a light swim tomorrow. Like Jessica said on her blog I too feel silly swimming at 1 mph when everyone else is ripping through the water. But they probably don't even notice.

Morning weight (start weight): 171.0


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