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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

100 Day Project Stats and Guidelines

Over the Christmas week I went to Paris, didn’t calorie count, ate anything I wanted and lost 2 lbs. I tried to practice moderation and balance my meals. E.g. A piece of fruit with the piece of cheese, a salad sans dressing with a piece of chicken floating in a delicious, creamy sauce, skim milk with a slice of tiramisu. But other than that, I didn’t restrict myself.

I didn’t workout either although I did walk just about everywhere averaging over 10,000 steps a day. That might have helped a bit particularly since it was so cold. I read somewhere that working out in the cold you burn more calories as your body has to work extra hard to warm you up. But I wasn’t expecting to lose weight. All I was hoping for was that I averted a huge gain. And then I stepped on the scale and found I had lost 2.8 lbs, my biggest 1 week loss to date. Granted some of it was water loss since I had just come off a long flight but the rest was real weightloss and it didn’t come right back the next day. In the end, I was still down 2 lbs at the end of that week.

Then I went back on my 20/20 diet and I have been stalled ever since. I was stalled for several weeks just before I went to Paris too. This, more than anything, is what led me to wonder if the diet is working as well for me as it does for some others. I’s not all the program’s fault. I am not good with rules. I don’t like being told what I can or cannot do. When faced with restrictions I either become apathetic or rebellious and that has been happening. I have gone offplan a few times and at other times struggled to even get to my 1200 calorie requirement out of boredom. But that still doesn’t explain why I can lose weight eating all I want in Paris but not when I practically kill myself over a diet here.

So, this - this question - forms the basis of my 100 Day Project. I have read up more on the effect of insulin on people with pcos since being diagnosed last year and I have found that food pairing more than the type of food seems to have an effect on blood sugar. My goal over the next 100 days is to find balance - that elusive balance I had in Paris when I was taking in the sights and enjoying life instead of obsessively watching every morsel that passes my plate or working out to the point of blowing my knee out. Who knows, maybe loosening up and more general awareness is the missing ingredient to my success.

Project stats:
Start date: today January 30, 2007 *
Start weight: 171 lbs
End date: Wednesday May 9, 2007
End (goal) weight: 130-140 lbs
Current red light number: 172 lbs (the weight I absolutely cannot and will not go over again)

1. Meal track daily.
2. Eat everything in moderation (try to make more healthy choices).
3. Find balance.
4. Stay active.
5. Have fun.

* At first I was going to start tomorrow but then I thought, why not today? What better time than the present? And since my general theme is everything in moderation I can get started right away. So, today it is.


Blogger Jessica said...

Interesting theory. I'll be watching to see how it pans out!

Couple other things:
-- I went on vacation, ate dessert with every meal and white bread with dinner, and drank alcohol and ate whatever I wanted. I didn't meal track, but I did exercise (my regular 1.5 hours/day, approx) and I was so active that I returned from vacation the exact same weight as I left. So there's definitely something to changing up the routine and being more active in general.

-- I definitely agree with the pairing of foods. I try not to eat a carb without a protein (I actually feel guilty when I do). I definitely think it helps maintain an even blood sugar.

7:22 PM


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