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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Week 3 Results & More Psychobabble

As I mentioned in my last post, when I went to weigh myself last Friday I found that I had gained .2 lbs. Since my dietician was away at a conference and I didn't get a session with her last week I couldn't be sure if this was because I was sick the week before which typically makes me temporarily lose weight or if I was doing something wrong diet-wise.

And then on Saturday, I crashed down on my knee during a running step off attempt on the treadmill at 3.7 mph, gave myself a real beauty of a bruise and on Monday I found out that I have some nerve damage on my feet from the high blood sugar, a torn meniscus on my right knee (probably a leftover from my knee injury four years ago) and some arch problems for which I would need custom orthotics and new running shoes before I can attempt any sprints again in the near future. I think I have officially broken the "bad news comes in threes" myth. Even when I am underachieving, I am an overachiever!

For all the reasons above, and the fact that I am struggling with the amount of planning & cooking involved, I have been having a hard time staying focused on the positives this week. That is until this morning when I woke up, put on my size L previously-too-snug tunic top and realized that it was actually a bit loose. Not swimming loose. Not, "Look ma, I am a size 4 again!" loose. Not even remotely "Ready to buy size mediums" loose. But loose nevertheless.

Somedays you win the war. Somedays you gain an inch on the battlefield. I am learning that victories come in all shapes and sizes. I had my second meeting with Stacy, my 20/20 counselor, yesterday. Something she said stayed with me even after I left the meeting. I was expressing my frustration with the slow weightloss and she said, "But the important thing is that you are losing weight. Once you have lost all the weight it won't matter whether you did it in 3 months or 3 years." Once you have lost all the weight it won't matter whether you did it in 3 months or 3 years. One simple statement, one profound truth. I have to keep remembering that.

On the progress front - workouts are still going great, I have my final sleep evaluation tonight and I went for my Podiatry consultation yesterday and will be getting the custom orthotics next week.

I did have a moment of anger/frustrtation/weakness on Monday during which I had a 1/2 of a 3.5 oz slice of lemon cake and 1 Lindt truffle. I am not sure what the rationale was behind consoling myself with sugar (or was I rebelling?) on learning that I have nerve damage on my feet from high blood sugar but there it is. But it's done and over with and this is the first time I stopped at 1 Lindt truffle so that's progress. In fact, it is a testament to my tremendous willpower because seriously, who stops at only 1 piece of chocolate?

Next on the list - first indoor cycling class and a visit to the knee doctor.

  • Sun - 40 min stationary bike + walk to Bellevue square mall & back (16 blocks)
  • Mon - 1 hr Pilates with instructor
  • Tue - 60 min cardio circuit (elliptical, bike, treadmill)
  • Wed - 65 min cardio circuit (elliptical, treadmill)
  • Thu - 40 min cardio + weight machines (upper/lower body)
  • Fri - Rest
  • Sat - 40 min cardio + weight machines (lower body) + core
This week so far:

  • Sun - Morning walk - 1 mile (2554 steps with step counter)
  • Mon - 1 hr Pilates with instructor
  • Tue - 40 min bike + weight machines (upper body)
Week 4:

Same as last week. Julie was out so I didn't get any diet modifications this week.


Blogger Jessica said...

Sam - if you ever want to have coffee and talk about 20/20 or whatever, let me know! Oh wait, you are probably off coffee. No-caffeine tea! Or Talking Rain! Or water with lemon! Either way, I know what you're going through. And it is temporary, whether it's three months or years.

4:05 PM

Blogger Sam said...

Thanks. That's really nice. And I think I can have lattes now. We can get together for coffee and you can tell me about your 20/20 experience and I can cry on your shouder! J/K about the crying part. :) I will email you.

3:26 PM

Blogger Aleks said...

I'm so glad Jess posted! Nothing has helped me more on this fitness journey than spending time with Jess and other amazing women. Please, let us know when you're doing your cycling class! I see that Friday is rest day, but I can't imagine a better first class than Danielle's 6 am class on Friday mornings. She is more than a cycling instructor, she is an inspiration too all of us on this journey. AND, you'll be surrounded by Jess, Regan and I. :) I still remember Regan's first cycling class back in February... :)

2:42 PM

Blogger Sam said...

Aleks, I went to my first cycling class this Friday at noon. I will have to try Danielle's class. Maybe I will see you guys there although you will probably intimidate the heck out of me. I kept looking around the class on Friday and most people look like veterans. I loved every minute and every aching muscle though so I am definitely going to more of these.

12:23 PM


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