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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oh, The Irony

And just when I was ready to start celebrating too. All I have had since waking up at 6 am this morning is a 20/20 breakfast shake. There goes my next reward.

Seriously, sometimes I don't need to go too far to look for saboteurs. I am it. I have the usual excuses, of course. Work, meetings, emails to send out. But if other people in my office get time to eat that doesn't really work very well, does it? So, what is it? All this week I have been struggling with food. Why? What's going on in my head? Sometimes I wonder if the weight isn't comfortable. Maybe a psychological crutch, a security blanket, that I cling to for whatever reasons.

Or maybe I am just overanalyzing and truth of the matter is I need to stop guessing and go get some food. The hunger is making me have crazy thoughts.

I wonder if rewarding myself for eating for a change would not be a little too ironic.


Blogger Jessica said...

Go get food! :-)

I'm about to eat a low-fat string cheese and turkey breast. You probably can't have cheese yet, but it's a handy snack to keep in the office fridge.

4:23 PM

Blogger Aleks said...

YES, EAT! It is tough sometimes to eat when you're super busy and the stress doesn't help! I know everyone complains about the cafeterias but they're decent when it comes to healthy choices (I think). I like the salad bar and the fact that they have Au Bon Pain soups... easy to know what my calorie intake is when I get those.

Jess and I went to the Pro Club for lunch today (one of the days I didn't eat at my desk) and got the Chicken Sausage Penne Pasta. By FAR one of my favorite dishes there, really big and only 390 calories. The ProClub takeouts are good too for lunches. :)

5:44 PM

Blogger Sam said...

I finally did. At 4pm. When I handed in my meal tracker to my trainer she was like, "Hmm.. what's going on here?" Aha!

The 20/20 entrees at Pro Club are really good. I have only had the salads so far. Have to remember the penne. :)

1:02 PM


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