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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Daydreaming, Blogging & Pilates

What I should be doing is getting tickets for my upcoming trip to Chicago for my uncle's 60th birthday. What I am doing is sitting around daydreaming about what I will look like, feel like, at the end of this and how many "rewards" I can "earn" in the process. Nothing like the prospect of guilt-free shopping to send a girl into tizzying daydreams. (The girl in question being me that is. I am sure there are plenty of women stoically indifferent to the allures of shopping.)

I feel like a kid again, bursting with enthusiasm at the thought of Christmas.

But what exactly is a reward? Is it a reward if I was going to do it anyway? Like replacing my old gym shoes. How is that an incentive for anything if I know that I am getting a new pair of x-trainers no matter what? It may work for some but knowing me I am just going to run out and buy the shoes and forget all about the earning part. For me a reward has to be something exciting, something I want badly enough but wouldn't normally get or do. Which is really where the daydreaming part comes in. It's like a license for my imagination to run wild and free through the field of possibilities. But my imagination being what it is needs reigning in from time to time. Like now.

Here's what I have come up with so far:

- A new perfume
- Voice microrecorder
- Chanel No. 5 body lotion
- A new hairstyle (maybe, I am not sure)
- Manicure (of course!)
- Melon colored lipgloss (also maybe)
- New Gucci bag
- Trip to Rome...

I think it was the "Trip to Rome" that halted my daydreaming on its tracks and brought me scurrying to the blog. Next step may have been a "Trip to the moon." You know what happens when you give a kid with an imagination permission to roam free in a fantasy world. Thankfully, the beauty of blogging is that I can always get back to daydreaming at a later time and keep refining the list until I have got it.

At a practical level, I am debating whether to add something Pilates related to that list. The private session with the instructor yesterday was fun. She was supposed to show me the orientation of the machines for my group class but spent more time aligning my posture and instructing me on how to stand and breathe correctly. It was fun in a weird kind of way. However, it did show me that I have some ground to cover before I can jump into a class. We did a few exercises that I really liked. One was lying on my back on the reformer pushing away with both my feet. The second exercise was sitting up on the same reformer doing some arm exercises and the last was leg circles. I am going back for another private session next week. The only catch? The private sessions are $72 each and the classes are progressive which means you can't join midway. So, if I don't join a class this week I have to wait until Nov and private sessions between now & then would add up to $360.

There goes my Gucci bag!

(But they are cheaper in Italy so if I go to Rome I can actually save money.)

Pricy proposition apart I really do want to try Pilates. I have been sitting straighter all morning today. Every time I find myself slumping over the keyboard I automatically pull back my shoulderblades and straighten up. I am also more aware of my body, but in a good way. Right now, I am signed up for 2 more private sessions but I would like to do the whole month or 5 sessions total. Maybe if I make it a reward for something, some goal, I will feel more justified in spending the money.

Of course, now I will need goals. More on that later.


Blogger Jessica said...

Hi Sam - Was I the person who told you how the lockers work? What time do you work out? I did recently tell someone...

Congratulations on starting 20/20. It changed my life completely, as I'm sure you can tell from my blog. I *never* thought I'd do even a 5K or a triathlon - never never never. :-)

3:18 PM

Blogger Sam said...

Wouldn't that be funny? I went back and looked at your picture and you know what, I think it might have been you. Hey, thanks!

I am really looking forward to my first run!

10:56 AM

Blogger Jessica said...

My hair is a lot lighter now. And like all blog photos, this one happens to be more attractive than how I usually look. :-) But otherwise, it's me.

4:21 PM


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