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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


All last week I have been struggling on the weight machines. I still love them as much as always but it was hard getting through the set of 20. Heck, it was hard completing 10 sometimes. It was easily my hardest week so far. And then, yesterday, I ran through machine after machine - Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Double Leg Press, Row, Lat Pulldown, Chest Press, Overhead Press, Seated Crunch, Back Extension - at higher weights and they felt light as feather. Go figure!

Okay, so light as feather may be a bit of an exaggeration but it took me about half time to do 20 reps on each machine at higher weights than all last week.

I think I also broke through some kind of personal cardio threshhold. Typically my heartrate jumps up to 150-160 pretty quickly but both last night and then this morning, my heart rate stayed much lower even though I was working out at the same intensity as before. I also felt a lot less tired. This morning I did 50 minutes on level 6-7 and my heart rate stayed at around 145. Even when I pushed really hard it didn't go over 170. When I first started the HRM would read 170 within minutes and that was only at level 4. It's pretty cool.

Now if I can only muster up the same amount of enthusiasm for the diet part. I am flying out in a little over 24 hrs and I still haven't given much thought to what to do foodwise during the trip.

I did come to a rather startling realization though which could qualify as a breakthrough of another sort. I have always had body image issues, even at my lowest adult weight of 98 when I was probably too thin to be serious, and somewhere inside my warped commercial-driven, unrealistic standards of beauty-addled brain I have always held 99-100 as the magical number where I would feel "comfortable" with my weight. Looking over the program documents last night I came across the number for my lean body mass: 108 lbs. Which means if I were to go down to something like 100, not only would I have 0% body fat - probably not healthy - but have to lose muscle definition.

I think this is the first time since starting the program 5 weeks ago that I looked at the ideal weight range of 130-140 and felt that I might be okay with that.


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