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Saturday, September 30, 2006

2nd Week Results

I was sick most of this week. Chills, fever, nausea. Yay! Not sure if it was the workouts or the diet or the new medicine. Looking back, I didn't do too bad despite it. A few missed shakes and berries but didn't go off the plan and I did get my exercise in.

This week's workout

  • Sun - 40 min cardio (bike, treadmill & elliptical circuit)

  • Mon - 40 min cardio (bike)

  • Tue - 40 min cardio (bike) + weight machines (lower body + chest)

  • Wed - rest/support group

  • Thu - 40 min cardio (bike) + core + new stretches

  • Fri - rest

  • Sat - 40 min cardio (bike, elliptical) + 3 weight machines (upper body)

At the dietician's

(-2.6 lbs.)

At the dietician's this week I was rewarded, clearly, for my perseverance although I am a little confused as to how I lost more weight this week than last since my calories were higher this week. Actually, the scale showed a loss of 3.6 lbs but I suspect at least a part of that had to do something with my being sick so I am only counting 2.6 lbs. It's still more than I expected to lose and I am puzzled but, as the saying goes, why look a gift horse in the mouth. My workouts were more intense. Maybe that helped. Last week I could only lift 22 lbs on the bicep curls. This week I was lifting 28. Me Tarzan! Well, ok, a wimpy one. But hey, it's progress.

Next Week

Same as week 2 + 1-2 servings of yogurt (Cascade Fresh, nonfat) or skim, 1% or soy milk as shake substitute. I also get to go to 2 tablets of Metformin a day from the 1 for week 1. Lucky me.


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